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10 Must-Visit Countries For Food Lovers

The shortest route to the heart is through the stomach. The popular saying not only holds true for lovers but is also applicable to die-hard travel bugs also. Visiting a new place is incomplete unless you soak in its culture, its tradition and of course its versatile cuisine. All the dream destinations across the world boast of an equally drool-worthy gastronomic extravaganza that can be any foodie’s delight. So let’s explore ten most wonderful countries rich with natural beauty, heritage and a diverse food palate that will keep you hooked forever!


  1. Argentina
Asado Steak

Known as the land of soulful tango music and football, Argentina has much more to offer its visitors. The country is a melting pot, a unique combination of European and Latin American culture that gives the place its subtle tradition and vibrant urban glamour. You will get the world-class beef steak  to gulp down with some of the best new-world wines in the background of passionate tango music. Your travel, however, will be incomplete without Asado, or barbeque. It is the national dish of the land where you get grilled meat, sausages and sweetbread right off the oven. Spend a leisurely afternoon tasting the barbecue with a glass of Malbec – you will know the real Argentina.


  1. Japan

Japan is an amazing destination for the travel bugs to visit with its colorful history, tradition and art. The land of sunrise is also a gastronomic heaven for the foodies across the world. Many people visit Japan just to get the taste of the delicately made dishes that represent the culture and heritage of the small nation. The specialty of Japanese dishes is that  you will get the original taste of the food since the use of oil and spices is minimal and the cooking style is also very casual. Japanese sushi made with freshly caught fish will get any food lover hooked. The traditional Japanese dish is based on rice and miso soup. Ramen or egg noodles in a salty broth is also a signature dish of Japan. Don’t forget to tickle your taste buds with Tempura, the battered seafood and vegetables traditionally fried in sesame oil. And if you are looking for some drinks, Japanese tea is there to infuse you with renewed vigor and energy.


  1. Thailand
Thai Red Curry with chicken and prawns

Crystal clear sea, sandy beaches, gleaming pinnacles of Buddhist temples touching the sky and ever-smiling people are going to greet you as you set foot in the spectacular country of Thailand. The ancient architecture and culture of Thailand reflects an amalgamation of Buddhism and Hinduism. The civilizations of Cambodia, Myanmar, China and Laos have also left an indelible mark in the tradition and heritage of Thailand. Naturally the Thai cuisine also has some influence of these places. The food of Thailand is intensely spicy and aromatic. The best part of Thai food is that it is reasonably priced. If you are a true foodie you must not miss the street delicacies. You will get the most authentic taste for less than US$2 a dish. Enjoy soupy noodles, sizzling sausages, fresh seafood, rice, and of course coconut milk and it will be a treasured experience you will cherish for life.


  1. The USA
Burger with Fries

It is difficult to sum up such a huge country as the USA as it boasts of widely diverse traditions, cultures and flavors. People from different parts of the world came to the USA and contributed to the culinary experience. From Seattle to San Diego, from Philadelphia to Nashville, each corner of the USA has a distinct flavor and its signature dish. New York, the city that never sleeps, has a cosmopolitan ambiance with iconic bakeries and swanky coffee shops, whereas San Francisco will present you with a busy nightlife best enjoyed with a glass of beer. Los Angeles, the melting pot of culture, has a number of posh restaurants presenting some of the most eclectic dishes of the country. Miami will welcome you to taste a bit of Cuba with its Caribbean and Peruvian food platters. A treasure trove of delicacies, the USA will leave any foodie craving more!


  1. Spain

Wild landscape, delightful food and a fine taste for everything best in life. That’s how Spain presents itself to the world — apart from the signature bull fight. The natural beauty of Spain is simply breathtaking. The wild, snow-peaked mountains, the charming valleys dotted with cozy villages and the marks of a great civilization in history, Spain stands apart in terms of passion, dynamism and creativity. This signature style of Spain is also present in its culinary delights. You can taste probably the most versatile Mediterranean cuisine here. Food is an intrinsic part of Spanish culture where the cooking style is deceptively simple but variety is endless. No matter whether you are sitting at a posh restaurant or an earthy local bar, the food is equally scrumptious. Enjoy freshest seafood or sip into the finest wines, Spain will present you with a irresistibly wide gastronomic experience.


  1. Mexico

Indulge in a luscious journey through Mexico that prides itself for consisting some of the very best culinary regions of the country. Mexico will offer you a heady combo of rich culture and a delightful culinary experience that smells of local heritage. Relax by the beach and enjoy fresh seafood or take a leisurely stroll through the streets to taste some authentic taco. At Oaxaca, you get to taste the authentic pre-Hispanic cuisine. The southwest coast will present you some of the best seafood you’ve had ever tasted. And if you prefer to keep it low-key, spend the evening at the coast of California Sur watching the sun set while sipping on some of the best new-world wines.


  1. France
French Wine with meat

Vast soothing landscapes dotted with beautiful chateaus, an ensemble of some of the world’s greatest arts and a range of brilliant perfumes – that’s what France is to most of the travelers. But what takes France to the top of the chart is its gastronomic affair. Nowhere else in the world would you get such soft bread with perfectly balanced crispness, such wide range of cheese and a range of charming old-world wines which is also the emblem of French culture. Explore fresh seafood from the north, the Mediterranean herb-infused delicacies in the south, and the swanky restaurants in Paris – your options to devour France are endless.


  1. China

Popularly known as the land of dragons, China’s history spans thousands of years. It has one of the world’s oldest cultures that is equally rich and colorful. It is an extremely large country with diverse traditions, practices and beliefs. Naturally, China can be marked into several regions with distinctly different styles of cooking. The ingredients used in cooking are also different depending on the region. Hence China will never cease to surprise you with its experiments with food. In the northern part, you can taste simple but tasty food like noodles or dumplings. In Central China, food is spicier with lots of seasonings. Eastern China’s food is sweet and light and Western China comes up with hearty lamb delicacies. If you are adventurous enough, China will provide you with ample chance to experiment with your taste buds. A true foodie in China will never miss the street foods in order to get the most authentic taste. And don’t forget to enjoy a fresh and zesty cup of Chinese tea, famous worldwide.


  1. Italy

The heart of the ancient Roman empire and one of the most important centers of Renaissance, Italy has flourished for many centuries. It’s not only for architecture or fashion — Italian cuisine also has made its own place in the gastronomic map. Italians cherish their food and each region has its own distinct culinary style. Popular foods like pizza or spaghetti come from central Italy. Enjoy fresh fish, sausages, pork and cheese as you visit the northern part, whereas  southern Italy will greet you with dishes garnished with tomatoes. Pasta, risotto and cheese dominate Italian dishes with abundant seasonings of freshly picked herbs and olive oil.  If you prefer a calm environment away from the heart of the city, take a wine trip through Tuscany and enjoy the famous Italian wines while sitting right at the vineyard.


  1. India
Assorted North Indian Meal

Wish to explore the Asian sub-continent? Visit India, the land of mountains and oceans, deserts and forests. Very few other countries boast of such a versatile landscape and an equally versatile cuisine. Indian food is famous for the fabulous use of aromatic herbs and spices, and each region will present you an all-new culinary experience. Try copious grilled meats specially prepared in a clay oven or Tandoor, or indulge in some delicate fish dishes, or lose yourself in the aroma of southern spices — Indian cuisine will never fail to surprise you. Are you a vegetarian? Indian cuisine has such delectable vegetarian delicacies that can convert even a die-hard meat lover.

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