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10 Must-See Attractions in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Historic architecture, pristine beaches, colorful markets, and a vibrant nightlife make it ideal for travelers of all ages and interests. Here is our list of 10 must-see attractions when visiting Turkey.


  1. Swimming in Kekova

Kekova is a small island located near the south western coastline of Turkey. The crystal-clear waters with its sunken ruins are a major attraction of this region, drawing visitors from not only neighboring Antalya but also from other parts of Turkey. The unspoiled natural surroundings are an added bonus. The perfect way to enjoy your day in Kekova is to go boating around the island and explore its beauty.


  1. Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery is cradled in the Mela Mountain near the northeastern coast of Turkey. It was carved from the mountains almost 1600 years ago and was active until 1925. The monastery has a library, a chapel, a church, and several other chambers which are open to the public. For those who get there are rewarded with striking natural panoramic views and some trekking options.


  1. Hot-Air Balloon Riding in Cappadocia

Located in central Turkey, about 75 km west of Kayseri, Cappadocia is best known for its scenic landscape. This semi-arid region is dotted with ‘fairy chimneys’ – a unique natural rock formation which is best explored and enjoyed through a hot air balloon ride.


  1. Trekking in Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut, rising to a height of 2134 m (7001 feet), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an ideal place for those who are into outdoor activities. The attractions on this mountain are the head statues that were built in 62 BC by King Antiochus I with Persian and Greek influences. Those interested in visiting Mount Nemrut can opt for a guided tour from Adiyaman.


  1. Natural Baths in Pamukkale

This natural wonder is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is nicknamed the Cotton Castle because of the scenic white terraces on the hill sides. These terraces have pools which have mineral-rich water from hot springs. From taking a bath in these healing waters to enjoying the stunning landscape, Pamukkale offers a well-rounded experience to visitors.


  1. Paragliding in Oludeniz

While Oludeniz has been on the tourist map for swimmers and sunbathers, it has recently become a popular destination for paragliders. With professional pilots as guides, coupled with a stunningly scenic landscape with lagoons and azure waters, Oludeniz is the perfect place to be if you are planning to visit southwestern Turkey.


  1. Historic Ruins of Ephesus

The ancient Greek city of Ephesus was built in the 10th century BC and was home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World. Although the city is in ruins and the original temple has been replaced by a replica, it still has many historic ruins, transporting the visitor to the ancient period.


  1. Hiking at the Saklikent Canyon

The Saklikent Canyon is part of the Saklikent National Park. This 18 km  (11 miles) long canyon has a depth of about 300 m (980 feet), making it one of the deepest canyons in the world. The water level in this canyon drops during the summer months. Since it is the peak tourist season, visitors to the canyon can trek to the bottom of the canyon and enjoy the majestic view of the steep cliffs.


  1. Exploring Istanbul

The ancient city of Constantinople is today the capital of Turkey — Istanbul. Once the hub of trade and commerce of the region, Istanbul remains one of the busiest cities of Turkey, and certainly the most visited by tourists. Attractions in the city range from stunning architecture to a vibrant nightlife. For those who want to take it easy, the best way to explore the city would be to take a boat ride to explore its skyline.


  1. Antalya

Antalya is one of the most popular resorts in the whole of Turkey and attracts millions of tourists annually, from all parts of the country and beyond. Equipped with an inviting weather, soft sandy beaches, and numerous resorts to suit every pocket, Antalya remains a top tourist destination in Turkey. It is also a haven for shopping enthusiasts, especially souvenir hunters.

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