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10 Largely Secret Tourist Sites Worth Visiting in 2018

Tourism is more than simply moving around the world to all the places you can reach. It goes deeper than that. The best vacations discover something.

James Asquith – the youngest person to visit all 196 countries on earth – gave his breakdown on some of the largely secretive locations around the world that offer your money’s worth. Interesting, considering this is a guy who was battling to break – and actually broke – the world record for countries visited.

He however came up with 10 sites around the globe that are mostly under the radar but offer you all the unique attractions and spectacular scenery you need.

Planning a trip, he notes, is a chance to meet new people, unique scenery, cuisines and places you didn’t even imagine existed.

Ranging from Bolivian Salt flats to amazing old convents in Cartagena, here is Asquith’s list of the top 10 rare locations around the world worth checking out this year.

  1. Foz do Iguacu – Brazil/Argentina

The quieter and much more easily accessible version of the Niagara Falls on the Brazil-Argentina border is just as enchanting and vast. You get to experience hiking experiences like no other amidst abundant wildlife. Especially enjoyablethough are the interesting pathways around the thundering falls both on the Brazilian and Argentinean ends.

Your to-do list should include aerial views of the spectacular rainforest, a photo session beside the waterfall and a tour of the National park before dining and spending the night at Belmond Hotel das Cataratas.

  1. Alaska

Why head all the way down to Iceland to experience unearthly beauty when you’ve got it right under your noses? Glacier National Park in Alaska offers the same moonlike views you find in beautiful Iceland.

The mountainous scenery is furthermore perfect for hiking and trekking. Best of it all, though, is a luxury cruise through the icy waters to breathtaking sights of Juneau, Ketchikan and Skagway alongside the Glacier National Park.

  1. Cartagena – Columbia

It was fairly difficult to choose Cartagena over other exciting up-and-coming Columbian destinations like Medellin. However, Cartagena came out on top for its coastal feel and the richness of Latin American culture. We must say though, Columbia is an amazing destination to tour.

While in Cartagena, you enjoy mouthwatering South American treats, amazing music and friendly multicultural people. You also get to see beautiful old-school convents and horses with carts treading down the astonishing cobblestone streets.

Asquith’s take: A very romantic and cultural city.

  1. Tonga

Tonga’s calm nature has remained largely secret.  The people are cool and laidback; the foods local and amazingly delicious. The sea waters are immensely calm and turquoise, ideal for your relaxed surf and swim experiences in a peaceful hideaway.

Get carried away by the friendly beach life and sink into the amazing local culture and you won’t miss home.

  1. Bhutan

Opened only recently to tourists, the secretive Bhutan is a step back to the good old times. Bhutan even beats Iceland as the happiest country on earth and the reasons are easy as they come. The Buddhism infused in the locals has them always smiling.

From a backdrop of plush green forests on challenging mountains, the countryside is intertwined with steep rocky valleys that guarantee perfect views. Also visit the Tiger’s nest, a temple complex high on a cliff.

You could maybe decide to home stay with the interesting locals or spend time at the authentic Taj Tashi Bhutan.

  1. The Secretive Island of Vanuatu

This tiny secretive South Pacific Island will surprise you with the large array of scenery and attractions it offers. From blue waters with astonishing villas suspended above to spectacular resorts, Vanuatu opens itself with opportunities you could only dream of. The people are furthermore welcoming and will gladly welcome you into their exciting culture.

The prices at Vanuatu are additionally extremely affordable. Good example; a stay in the Holiday Inn costs much less than in other places like in the Maldivian resorts.

Finally don’t miss out on a bite of juicy sashimi.

  1. Iran

Contrary to anything you’ve been told by the media, Iran is actually a really cool destination. A secretive and suspicious destination for tourists for a while now, Iran is truly home to some of the most open-minded youths around. Tehran is particularly interestingly cosmopolitan and with so much to explore; home to some of the smartest young people you’ll meet.

Please your appetites at the back alleys with yummy milkshakes and incredible pizzas.

Lastly, you get to spend exceptional days at the hospitable hotels in the capital including the Laleh International Hotel. The people are very friendly, unlike the notions built up about them. They’re definitely worth your time. Thank us later!

  1. Tuvalu – the secretive little paradise

The little island on the Pacific between Hawaii and Australia is unquestionably gorgeous and fun in equal measure. From the waters to the mouthwatering sashimi, Tuvalu offers once-in-a-lifetime paradise experiences in the company of beautifully friendly people.

Better still you get to play volleyball and football with friends along the coastlines before basking in the sunset breeze. You can rent a motorbike and see the whole island.

Finally wind down your day – and spend incredible nights – at the magnificent Vaiaku Lagi Hotel.

  1. San Pedro de Atacama and the Salt Flats of Bolivia

With some areas raised up to beyond 5,000 above sea level and huts made of salt – yes,  salt – these fairly secretive places offer dramatic landscapes of volcanoes, sand dunes and unusually rocky environs.

Also you get to witness the geysers and hot springs.

Imagine spending a night in a hotel room that’s completely made of salt, even the bed.

Seems like you need to get out there and witness these miracles!

  1. Hawaii

What more do we need to say about Hawaii that you haven’t heard of? Oh wait, here is something: it’s the only destination around that blends the beauty of nature with the beach experience giving an all round tour site for all your comforts.

One of the most enigmatic places in the world and one that receives far fewer accolades than it deserves. I therefore simply had to mention it here to stress the beauty of the beautiful beach destination with incredible resort experiences.

Base yourself in the Royal Hawaiian Resort collection. Here you seamlessly mix wining with dining in a majestic ambiance as you are accorded the first-class treatment you deserve.

If word from the most traveled guy on the planet won’t persuade you then I truly wonder what would.


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