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10 Best Places to Tour in Germany

Popular for their engineering genius, Oktoberfest and World War II history, Germany also maintains Europe’s strongest economy. It is located in the West of Europe and boasts of some of the best scenery as well as historical heritage sites and upbeat festivity scenes. Here are the top places you should opt not to avoid while on a tour of lovely Germany.

10. Leipzig

The largest city in the state of Saxony, Germany and located 99 miles to the southwest of Berlin, Leipzig boasts cultural and artistic mastery that has trickled down the generations. Visitors have the chance to experience the performance of the famous Bach’s music down at the St Thomas Church – Bach’s home church where he is now buried. The city also boasts of several majestic architectural marvels including the Napoleonic Monument, the former high court of Reich and the town square – the Augustusplatz – located at the Central Campus. Also enjoy the sight of the unique Monumental design of the towering mausoleum in Germany.

9. Rugen Island

Situated in the Baltic Sea off the Atlantic Ocean and connected to the German mainland by the Rugen Bridge and Rugen Causeway, this island offers a romantic view with delightful villas and prepossessing beaches to keep you delighted all your stay. The major highlight though is the Jasmund National Park with the unique Kreidefelsen auf Rugen (Chalk cliff on Rugen) that towers up to 161 meters above the sea. The Cape Arkona in Rugen Island further offers you the fishing experiences and a visit to the remains of the Slavic Castle.

8. Romantic Rhine

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley, commonly the “Rhine Gorge,” lies between the cities of Bingen and Bonn and offers a superb countryside with over 40 archaic castles as well as evocative vineyards. Cruise through the Romantic Rhine past the deep region in the Rhine, Lorelei, and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

7. Koln

Along the Rhine River in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia lies the city of Cologne, a vast contemporary yet historical city with a multitude of attractions ranging from the Cologne Cathedral, the centuries-old amazing church, to the gothic architectures including the famous house 4711. You also get to enjoy the bursting nightlife and the outstanding culture and arts scenes on display.

6. Dresden

Capital to the federal state of Saxony, Dresden was – before World War II bombings – famously termed the “jewel box” owing to the collection of amazing artworks and superior architecture. Dresden is also home to the historic Frauenkirche Cathedral as well as several cultural exhibition sites hosting the venerated Semper Opera.

5. Lubeck

The first victim of the World War II bombings, this Baltic Seaport City located in Schleswig-Holsten state of Northern Germany is still home to historic medieval structures including the Town Hall Cathedral along the Altstadt streets.

4. Heidelberg

Home to the historic Old Bridge, the Heidelberg Castle and the knight St. George House, Heidelberg is no doubt one of the best places to visit in your touring escapades of Deutschland. The town is also the home to the oldest German University, whose academic history is documented along the Philosophers Walk. The city’s center is packed with restaurants, pubs and museums to satisfy your rendezvous desires.

3. Neuschwanstein

The Neuschwanstein Castle is one Europe’s most photographed castles. The castle was built in the late 20th Century as a whimsical flight for the Bavarian King Ludwig II. Nestled between the Bavarian Alps, the dream castle is the inspiration for  Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

2. Munich

Host to the Oktoberfest that draws millions of visitors annually, Munich also portrays some of the best sites and artistically marvelous classic architecture in the whole of Europe. From gothic churches to royal palaces to historic walls, Munich has it all.

1. Berlin – Germany

The last stop must most definitely be the nation’s capital. Famous for the since-demolished Berlin Wall, the city has become a pulsing metropolis that draws visitors in the thousands to see famous works of picturesque perfection with true German heritage. View the Gothic Brandenburg Gate of Germany and the Reichstag. Experience the vast diversity of the multicultural capital of Germany including classic dance, caricaturist art, mouthwatering local delicacies and the upbeat nightlife.


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