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Most Exciting Beaches To Visit

Moeraki Boulders Beach, Otago, South Island, New Zealand [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1366"] Moeraki Boulders Beach[/caption] The Moeraki Boulders Beach is an area comprising imposing large round boulders. It is located on the Otago coast in New Zealand. There is much debate about how the Moeraki boulders were formed. According to one legend, these were gourds from a canoe known as
Khao Sok National Park
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Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Do you want to visit Thailand, but feel confused to choose the best destination to visit? This article will help you to know the best places in Thailand. Thailand is best known for its culture, street food, shopping places, and the coast. As a tropical country, Thailand has many beautiful beaches
Clearwater Beach
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Top 10 Public Beaches in Florida

Bahia Honda [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="990"] Bahia Honda[/caption] Bahia Honda State Park is located in the Florida Keys. The area offers some of the most spectacular beaches in the state. Because of its state park status, the whole region is in a completely unspoiled natural condition. The park has two
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The Top 10 Winners of Best Safari Park 2018

There were 20 nominees of safari parks picked by 10 Best editors, and the top 10 winners were determined by popular vote of 10 Best readers. The experts — Debra Erickson (International Zoo Educators Association), Eileen Ogintz (Taking the Kids) and Alan Sironen (Zoo Consultants International) — were chosen based on
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The Backpacking Guide To Iran – 2 Weeks Itinerary

I thought I knew what a good hospitality is like.. until I came to Iran. "Why go to Iran?" This is a question people often asked when I tell them I was going there. I would have ask the same if it wasn't the words of mouth I heard over
The Grand Canyon
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15 Most Beautiful Reasons to Tour Arizona

Arizona gained statehood on February 14th 1912. It is therefore sometimes known as the Valentine State. The southwestern state is most popular for the Grand Canyon that’s carved out artistically by the Colorado River. Arizona is also home to other breathtaking natural tourist sites and adventure locations beyond just the
Tatra Mountains

Top 10 Summer Hiking Trails In The World

While the idea of hiking during summer can be sweat-inducing, it can also be a good experience. It all depends on the location and a great one can really make for an exhilarating and satisfying hike. Following are few locations around the world for the perfect hike during summer months.
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    Exploring The Virgin Beauty Of Planet Earth

    Puerto Balandra, Baja California Sur, Mexico [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1117"] Puerto Balandra[/caption] The Puerto Balandra is a strikingly scenic coastline featuring eight beaches, red mountains, and a lagoon. The water in the lagoon is a clear turquoise in color and is ideal for diving. It is home to a wide
    Cancun Underwater Museum

    10 Stunning Underwater Wonders

    Crater Lake National Park – Oregon

    39 Incredible Photos of Places Around the Globe You Must Visit


    1950s Photos Show How Babies Traveled On Airplanes

    Aerial View of Borobodur

    The 10 Largest Temples in the World

    budapest fog

    When The Fog Makes Budapest Look Even More Perfect