chichen itza
Cultural Experience Mexico North America

12 Must-See Spots at the Chichen Itza Archaeological Site in Mexico

Going on a trip to Mexico soon? You should definitely include a visit to the ancient city of Chichen Itza in your itinerary. This pre-Hispanic city in the Yucatan State, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, served as a sacred and important site for the ancient Mayan civilization. Research also suggests that Toltec tribes from the
solo india
Asia India

India Travel Guide for the Solo Female Traveler

Traveling alone in India may sound crazy to most people, especially if you're a female traveler. It isn't only about the idea of traveling alone but also about the destination. It's true that traveling in India could be more challenging than traveling to other countries. If you're asking whether it is
Africa Central and South America Top Islands

Tristan Da Cunha – Exploring The Most Remote Inhabited Island In The World

There is something quite adventurous about remote islands. So if you are looking for something off the beaten track and equally exciting, then head to Tristan da Cunha. Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited island in the world. It is named after the man who discovered it, Portuguese
The Blyde River Canyon
Africa Interesting Nature

Top 10 Natural Wonders in Africa Worth Exploring

Have you ever visited Africa? This continent is famous for its natural wonders, animals, and plants. That's why Africa is one of the favorite places for nature lovers. Due to its diversity and breadth of the area, it takes time to explore it all. To help you explore Africa, here
Canada Family Vacation Nature

All About Canada, a Road Trip Guideline

Is Canada on your bucket list? If yes, you're in the right place. We will help you to plan your trip in Canada, specifically a road trip. We all know that Canada has stunning scenery and some of it is the best in the world. So, there is no reason for
Kentucky Derby
Cultural Experience Kentucky Nature United States

Top 8 Startling Marvels and Attractions in Kentucky

The southeastern state with capital of Frankfort is most famous for the annual Kentucky Derby down in Louisville. The  yearly fiesta is a two-week affair that also involves celebrations at the Kentucky Derby Museum before the actual race occurs on the last Saturday of May. However, there’s much more to
Botanica – The Wichita Gardens
Cultural Experience Kansas Nature United States

9 Top Attractions in Kansas – the Sunflower State

A Midwestern state named after the Kansa Native American tribe, Kansas is American ultimate Great Plains State. While the rolling wheat fields serve as a perfect countryside destination in the glowing Sunflower State, the Old Cowtown Museum and the Museum of World Treasures both showcase astounding history from as long
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    These Important Tips Will Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

    Travel can be a powerful way to escape from the everyday routine of your life. Moreover, if you’ve been bitten by a travel bug, you will travel as often as possible and have a desire to travel like crazy. While traveling, you often encounter situations which make you feel stressed,
    solo europe

    A Guide to Traveling Europe Alone for the Female Traveler

    Surf Hostel

    Beautiful Surf Hostels Around the World


    The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Tourist Destinations So Far This Year

    The Blyde River Canyon

    Top 10 Natural Wonders in Africa Worth Exploring

    Pergola on the Roof

    Top Attractions for Click-Happy Instagram Addicts in London